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You add a new event here.    Then make changes using the table on the right
Please fill in as much information as possible. You can make changes later.
Don't fill in the end date inless it's something like a weekend event.

End Date (W/end events)

Use 24 hour clock

NB The total number of days plus things to do cannot exceed 6

Use the next line if there are things to do. For example Set Up/Perform/Take Down
If it's a multi day festival, the days will be set up automatically
However, if there's camping enter it here as a job. (leave blank if none)

Press TAB when done

OR Decision by (ASAP)

Contact     Interest     Confirmed

Use the next line for any notes which mey be useful to the public
For example if it's a two stop tour, put details of the second stop here
This information will appear on the programme page when this event is confirmed.

Existing Plans (from this month)

Click on the Event to make changes

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