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Welcome to a reduced version of the Crook Morris Website.  Here you can only see who we are, what we are doing this year and how to contact us.

We are an unlikely assortment of people who like dance; music; socialising; singing; food and drink and generally making fools of ourselves and entertaining other people.

Seriously (us?) we are based in Kendal although we have active members from Lancaster to Rookhope in County Durham and all places in between.  (New Zealand?)

We dance Cotswold Morris Dances, Border Morris Dances, Rapper Dances, perform Mumming Plays, not only locally but at festivals throughout England, and on Crook holidays abroad.

We practise in the winter and in the summer dance out locally on Mondays, and at weekends we are invited to dance at prestigious events, and we choose to go to festivals and tours.

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